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Metal Fish Plate Lrg

Code: UV7188-2
Product Dimensions: 50.5x33x6cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.70kg
Carton Qty: 8

Nothing beats enjoying a hot bowl of salmon dish, with your plate placed on this Metal Fish Plate. It comes in a set of 8, so there are enough for not just of you, but also your family and friends when they come over. Get yourself a Metal Fish Plate, large size today

For those nursing nostalgias of days beside the sea, for those seeking for a ready inspiration as they bite and digest their way through the delicacies the sea has to offer, for those who want a simple and bold design that sells to itself to you without even trying, then look no further than the Metal Fish Plate. It's the perfect nostalgia complement with its strong replications of the form of a fish. From the wavy back bone, the patterns of lines around its edges that represents its fins. Not to mention the tiny dot and the slight parting that represents the mouth

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