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Garden Items

Metal Jug Jardin Small

Code: LD3042-4
Product Dimensions: 15.5x24cm
Product Material: metal


Weight: 1.30kg
Length: 25.00cm
Width: 21.50cm
Height: 54.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

The sweetest and the most tender of love needs no costly gifts -all it needs a simple heart that says aloud what it feels in as many words -much like this tiny ceramic heart that lays bare the most beautiful of thoughts. Made by hand, it shows off its beauty not merely through its pristine white smooth ceramic body but also its beautifully printed worded message.

Hang it from the door knob and surprise the one you love as she or he opens the door-or simply drape it on the window or doorway -places its bound to be noticed in, there is so much joy is the simple words that convey so much of tender feelings coming straight from the heart. When placed on this tiny 9 c high and 8 c wide heart, it gains a different kind of beauty and elegance. It has a ribbon slotted through the top of the structure that has been knotted to give it a truly natural and very pleasing look. Could be used on gifts like any other tag or simply be used like a tiny little accent for all those spaces that do not need any kind of formal sort of decoration. a beautiful keepsake that will be easy to store and easy to place in any small space with ease. The tiny little heart can eb used along with several such tiny accents on offer from Lavida.

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