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Mini Owls Colour S/3

Code: LA7627-6
Product Dimensions: 5x4x6H cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 1.06kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 29.00cm
Height: 7.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

Create a visual effect so endearing that there will be few whose heart will not melt when they see this set of three owls in vibrant colours. A treat to own and display, this can be a tiny accent but the kind that will sure begin many a conversation and help one build nature or animal theme around its presence.

Homes are all about wearing ones personality all around through the decor and if one likes things nature related why not add the zestful little creatures that can charm any one with their detailed looks and wonderfully colourful appearance. Adding a twist of interest to the decor is simply the best way to add personality to a space, so tiny owls like in this set of three variously coloured ones can do just that. Their smooth ceramic bodies, round in places and pert heads, the tiny ears and beak and ever so tiny feet are little details that have been masterfully crafted by the artist who created them. They may be placed in little shelves or along with other collections of creatures that one may have, placed on the children's study table or in their room where a little colourful presence would be most welcome. Just their lovely design is a great enough reason to own this set of three nocturnal birds with the most enigmatic of expressions.

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