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Mirror Tray Canto Medium

Code: BA8573-2
Product Dimensions: 19x19x4H cm
Product Material: Metal, Mirror

Mirrored trays are great for creating a play of reflection and when it comes to ones that in themselves are superbly designed in an antique sort of way, the impact created could be quite awe - inspiring. Here is a round tray with an elevated rim that looks intricately designed, the burnished colours adding more to its inherent appeal and the tray ready to help hold votives, pillar candle, or even flowers and candles in combination.

Make the most of reflective play when you place twinkling votives on trays such as this. The antique look and the modern angle of mirror play out their own seamless kind of design aesthetics while the lighting you had hope for would be truly dramatic and more. Could be placed in spaces where you wish to create a more than usual décor highlight. Use it as part of centrepieces or coffee table settings so as to make your special occasions light up with a different kind of warmth of beauty. Made from metal and glass - right from its proportions at 19 cm diameter to its tiny round balls that are like little legs, each aspect of the piece is carefully aligned to your need for something more than the usual for your home and spaces. The tray is about 4 cm high and the raised rim assures you that while carrying it from one place to another the candles or votives on top would be safe and secure. When not used as a tray for candles, you could switch its roles for serving finger foods and the likes. The rim allows one to get a good grip.

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