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Coffee Mugs

Mugs Powder Blue Asstd

Code: LA7204-12
Product Dimensions: 8x8x10 cm each
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 3.45kg
Length: 25.00cm
Width: 38.00cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 12

These elegant and simple coffee mugs in blue are a welcome addition to your crockery or tea set and will give you multiple options if you want to serve coffee to your guests.

If you want to enjoy a nice, simple and a soothing cup of coffee in a peaceful and relaxing environment, then it is imperative that you drink your coffee in these mugs to significantly enhance your experience. In addition to that, these cups are made of high-quality ceramic which makes them durable and also gives them a premium look and feel. Shopkeepers should be selling these mugs because they are in high demand and will lead to increased sales. For the consumer, I would say that you get yourself a set of these coffee cups while they last because you don't want to be deprived of this wonderful experience.

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