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Necklace Feather Tassel Cream

Code: LA7718-2
Product Dimensions: 45 cm long
Product Material: Metal Cotton, Beads


Weight: 0.04kg
Length: 1.80cm
Width: 0.02cm
Height: 49.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Send a solid style message by wearing this bead and metal embellished boho necklace that makes the most profound statement both for casual wearing as well as formal. The design elements in this piece will be instantly noticed as much for material usage as for the little pendants cluster that makes it look so special.

This 45 cm necklace will be long enough to be reach the collarbone and its varying shades of cream coloured beads in varied designs makes a lovely sight when contrasted with the metal parts - truly one of a kind. A piece of jewellery finds it expression through the usage of different elements - colour, material and the pattern that it uses and in Bohemian style jewellery that verges on traditional tribal, the effect of drama is all the more profound as in the case of this piece. The string of beads has varying shades and sizes with interface between different materials. The central pendant has a cluster like assemblage that looks truly a work of art. Wear it on white or black and on any colour - the effect of its design will be fully visible. Add this to your personal collection or git it to someone who loves the look of rough and rustic pieces of jewellery that tell a story.

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