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Necklace Gold Tripple Layer

Code: LA7722-2
Product Dimensions: 35 cm long
Product Material: Metal Cotton, Beads


Weight: 0.02kg
Length: 0.03cm
Width: 0.03cm
Height: 39.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

If you like things Boho and chic with underpinnings of tribal art - this is the accessory that should answer your desire to own one such piece. A gorgeous layering of three lengths, each having their own pronounced look makes it a great way to enhance ones everyday looks.

Wearing a superbly designed necklace can make a huge difference to the way ones outfit and appearance changes and when one wears this longish 33 cm tiered necklace the effect is quite bold. The shorter length is made up of tiny little beads in nude and dull blue beads while the second tier is made up of longish drop beads that appear like tiny needles, and the final longest level is made of beads and a tassel in dull brown in the centre. While the shortest one will adorn the close to neck area the longest will form a pretty drop right down the shirt front. The simplicity of design and the complexity of material usage that consists of beads of a variety of colours, metals and cotton , is what creates this happy and fascinatingly different look that is so very contemporary chic. A great way to make your everyday wear look special and also a simply adorning of this necklace can get you party ready in the evenings.

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