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Nest Tables Cross/marble

Code: MM0708-1
Product Dimensions: 43.5x43.5x61cm/30x30x52.5cm
Product Material: marble, metal


Weight: 15.10kg
Length: 44.00cm
Width: 44.50cm
Height: 64.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

They help expand spaces, after all without table tops spaces what good are your seating arrangements. And at times when that beautiful lamp or the special set if curio you wanted to display does not find place on the mantle, you need that extra table to place it on - for many such reasons and more this set of gorgeously designed nesting table makes so much sense to add in one's home.

Nesting tables are a great idea for all kinds of homes and this set with its beautifully designed metal base has the combination of marble and metal that gives it such a delightful look. The top is round with the gorgeous veins on the white marble - ethereal and pure and yet showing its character - almost like a finger print. Each table has a solid metal base that has been touched up in golden paint so as to lend the look a more formal and oriental feel. The height of the larger one is all of 61 cm and its top is 43.5 cm in diameter while the smaller one which shall easily snuggle under the larger one has a height of 52 cm and a diameter of 30 cm. Delightfully designed to add a touch of ornate kind of beauty that things golden in colour bring with them. The criss - crossing metal stripe weave pattern on the base making them more solid and giving the marble top the solid grounding it needs. As great as table ends as it would be to use a s coffee tables or side tables.

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