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Placemat Espirale Aqua

Code: BB210-6
Product Dimensions: 38x38 cm each
Product Material: woven paper


Weight: 0.32kg
Length: 38.50cm
Width: 38.50cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

A paper mat with a different look altogether owing much to its texture and color effect- great accompaniment on any tables setting-its unique look and the fact that is makes for a sturdy and pleasing choice in utility makes it an ever popular buy on Lavida.

A round placemat has many utilities as it can be at the center of the table to serve the main dished and on the other hand it can also be used for setting individual plates as well. This placement has a slight ribs that run all long radiating from the center-slightly crinkled and the kind that gives a wonderful textured feel. Can be wiped clean and is lightweight and durable. The centre of the mat is white and the color seems to be spiraling outwards from there. An eye-catching color pop for the table setting that will be admired as much for its use as for its looks. The edges have been giving a neat finish and the size is suitable for usage on the dining table or any space where some special display could be kept on the mat to make it look all the more interesting.

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