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Platypus Boot Brush

Code: TE976-2
Product Dimensions: 41X14.5X9CM
Product Material: resin, straw


Weight: 3.00kg
Length: 47.50cm
Width: 22.00cm
Height: 28.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

You cherish your time in the garden trudging around the gravelly pathways, getting the weeds out of the flower beds and watering the greens- and in all of this, your shoes gather the fay's experience in the form of sand, mud and gravel. Ease the cleaning off this grime in style with the help of one of the creatures who offers you its bristly back. Made from iron and topped with hard brush like top. this garden accessory is sure to be one of the most exterior friendly accessories that ensures that you bring back into your home only the best of memories of your time in the garden and no other spill overs.

Created with a great deal of imagination, this platypus has been given a bristly top that sits across it entire back, you can distinctly make out the beauty of its well defined head and snout, the tail that follows right behind and the rustic metal body all add to the delightful combination of functionality and looks. The bristly brush is hard enough to knock off all the gravel that might get embedded in the sole of your boots and the brush is dense enough to ensure that every bit of fresh cut grass, soggy leaves and mud from the beds gets brushed off before you step indoors. Reduce the extra work you might end up having when you walk indoors from the garden, even after this casual walk, by simply brushing off the grime with the help of the platypus brush. Place it at the end of your garden pathway or your home' entrance and watch its immaculate cleaning action each time, about 41 cm in length and 14.5 cm in height, the star made brush and the resin made body coordinate perfectly for making this a great means of ensuring your home's always clean look.

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