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Garden Items

Pot Scratching Low

Code: LD3630-1
Product Dimensions: 16.5x9cm
Product Material: ceramic


Weight: 0.92kg
Length: 17.00cm
Width: 17.50cm
Height: 10.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 16

The Pot Scratching Low is known for its small fit size that makes it possible to use many of them around the home for diverse purposes. They can be an easy fit for an upside garden around the home. With potted plants in them, they can be made to hang upside down from the ceiling

The small size of Pot Scratching Low saves a lot of floor space and helps in purifying the room's air, adding colour and freshness to the room when you use it as a pot for plants. It can also fit into the bedroom when you place it on the nightstand or hang it from the ceiling in a corner of the bedroom with a plant like a fern in it. It could also be transformed into the focal point of your home décor when you place a large potted plant into it to avoid wasting floor space.

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