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Rug Chenni Medium

Code: AA3513-1
Product Dimensions: 170x240 cm
Product Material: Jute, leather, cotton


Weight: 8.30kg
Length: 173.00cm
Width: 15.00cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

Bring a look of farm and countryside with this combination of cotton and jute in rug that symbolizes the simplest of weaves, the most natural of colors, and the best means to highlight the rest of the decor with its utterly fresh style. Rugs such as these are not just enduring in their beauty but also help promote an age-old craft that symbolizes the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.

Made from a combination of cotton and jute as well as the lovely colour combination in tones of black, deep gray and whites makes the rug acquire its own richness in terms of looks and design. It is because of the tonality of shades that one can see the multitude of fiber yarn that have gone into creating this utterly endearing texture and colour. Will look mild, simple, suave and yet wholesome in its appeal which is very farm and country. The best part about handwoven textures is the duality of tones in colours, that little feel of personality that goes into anything handmade and of course the natural candor with which it presents its simple style. Add such rugs to small spaces and feel them liven up with its own character. Build in a touch of elegance or warmth -as rugs add that anyway and when they come in handwoven styles such as this jute ad cotton mix one the effect is all the more impactful. The white fringed sides will also make it look especially appealing adding a touch of contrast.

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