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Rug Circular Blue

Code: AA3547-1
Product Dimensions: 150cm Round
Product Material: 60% Cotton & 40% Jute


Weight: 6.10kg
Length: 150.00cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 9.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Spread the splendour of a cotton and jute made handwoven rug on your floors and help it touch your spaces with its natural and most organic flair-after all, your home is the space that you believe should always present itself in the best- light-cool, comfortable and natural in its feel and helping you achieve this is this superbly crafted circular rug.

Be it your living room, or the little sit out in the gazebo even the little nook you have created in the wide balcony that is reserved for your quiet leisure hour-gracefully adding a touch of soft charm would be this rug that will help keep your toes warm and add a textural beauty to the space. The yarn used is made from jute and cotton and the design is as elementary as it can get. Spirals of two tones in colour, deftly woven in a spiral kind of pattern that add a kind of centring to the entire room with its presence in the room. Light weight yet sturdily woven, it will remain firm under the feet and not warp. The two tons of colours in mustard beige and blue adds to its delightful colour impact and the fact that it has been handcrafted adds to its inimical character. The rug is 150 cm in diameter and thus should be large enough even for your main living room space. Will combine wonderfully with warm colour palettes in your couches and furnishings.

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