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Rug Floral Stampa Small

Code: AA3522-1
Product Dimensions: 120x180 cm
Product Material: 100% Cotton


Weight: 2.42kg
Length: 127.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 8.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

Lavida offers the best in organic cotton, high quality handmade rugs in cotton that bring with it the look of simplicity but great elegance as well. This grey rug with its linear pattern is handmade and will add a touch of comfort as well as cohesion in themes of décor coordination . Fine quality cotton, woven the traditional way and gives a wonderful cooler so as to get assimilated into most decors.

Place tugs on floors if you want to build in more charm and elegance in your spaces and when it comes to cotton rugs you could not gave got a better option than this piece that is 180 cm in length and 120 in width. The handmade rug comes with a traditional intricately woven pattern that runs across like a band and the rest of the surface hosts a linear design that converges well with the overall look to perfection. The ends are tasseled for a neat finish. The weight of the rug makes it the kind that could be rolled up easily and laced in any area where it could be needed. The lightweight nature of this piece too is its highlight. Great for summers when you would rather have light airy and more summer conducive materials on the floor. The feel of the cotton is soft under the feet. The kind of weave that will hold string despite much footfall. You would simply love the manner in which the soft gray does not challenge the colour palette in your décor instead allows the other colours to look even prettier. The tonality of grey on grays looks simply gorgeous and the pattern despite its under usage of colour looks outstanding.

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