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Rug Multi Tones Medium

Code: AA3543-1
Product Dimensions: 170X240cm
Product Material: 100% Cotton


Weight: 3.60kg
Length: 170.00cm
Width: 10.00cm
Height: 10.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Soft is the feel of the cotton under your bare feet when you give up the couch to slip on to the rug - perfect summer bliss - the time when heavier rugs could give way to lighter floor coverings and welcome a more relaxed and sophisticated feel ready for summers. This woven rug is a feats of the eyes especially because of its dual tone in black and white and intricate design that make sit look so rich and impactful. A great means to infuse your space with a comfortable relaxed air for living rooms and other spaces alike.

The pattern is its biggest draw - its drama of black and white making its softness come alive with a certain kind of style that only cotton rugs possess. A kind of organic feel that looks best in your summer ready home. Lightweight enough to be rolled and taken to the setting of your choice. This is one of those patterns that will liven up the dullest of spaces with its characteristic sizzle. The beauty of the design and the fibre of cotton make for a highly compatible kind of combination that will add that touch of restful sophistication to your space. Will look especially special with whites and solid colours. Will bring together the farm house inspired or bohemian chic look in your interiors as most rugs do - they add that completeness to the picture bringing varied looks together with more cohesiveness.

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