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Rug Natural Border Large

Code: AA3538-1
Product Dimensions: 200X300cm
Product Material: 100% Jute


Weight: 21.00kg
Length: 200.00cm
Width: 18.00cm
Height: 18.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

When you love the play of colours backed by a neutral; base, you will see the beauty of this rug - made from high quality tough yet smooth and golden jute that has been treated before being woven - this gorgeous rug displays the right focus in the weave and its natural colour palette that is merely highlighted by the white band that forms its border. Sober and sophisticated it is the perfect choice for your home and spaces if natural is the way you wish your setting to be.

Be it with bright emerald coloured cushions or super summery whites, this stunning rug made of high quality jute is going to look great with them both, as this is the advantage of things neutral. Made by hand, the jute fibre used in this rug has been cured and processed to retain its strength and natural beauty and yet be smooth thus lending the rug its original texture but acclimatizing to the blend of what an interior would require. The length of the rug make sit juts the choice for a living room. classic yet modern - it seem to help to bring the entire room together in its simple yet charming way. The neutral colours play around well with cool and warm colours with the same kind of elan. An all - weather kind of rug that help you explore varying kinds of décor combination and help bring it all together.

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