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Scarves & Clothing

Scarf Geometric Bw

Code: LD3356-1
Product Dimensions: 60x190cm
Product Material: polyester


Weight: 0.20kg
Length: 31.00cm
Width: 3.00cm
Height: 25.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

Swap your everyday style for a super cool look which in fact keeps you rather warm and cosy - with a scarf that is so beautifully woven, accessorizing begins to look easy. Here is wonderful range of scarves from Lavida , made of super fine polyester that not just drapes wonderfully but feel very soft and warm on the skin.

Add oodles of charm to your most ordinary of outfits with the help of a super gorgeous scarf. Here is one that has been woven with polyester thread in white and black, given a supreme finish and thus look super sophisticated. Could keep you warm on those nippy evening and rather windy days when you least expect the weather to play up. Wear it like an ordinary stole hanging loosely from your neck or drape it across your shoulders for a better show of the pattern and design, or simply wrap it several times around in a snood style. Whichever way you decide to drape it, this scarf is bound to add so much style to your look. Made from super fine fibre, the weave is such that will help the fabric to feel rather smooth and fine on the skin. The design is modern and the kind that will look as great with morning outfits as with semi formals and casual attires. Will pair well with all kinds of colours especially more striking colours as the scarf itself is quite muted in its palette. The length of the scarf is 190 cm and its width is 60 cm, making it rather sumptuous in its size.

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