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Sign Farm

Code: SG1501-2
Product Dimensions: 23.5x4.5x24.5cm
Product Material: Wood, MDF


Weight: 0.75kg
Length: 27.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 28.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Amidst the any things modern life has made us compromise with is the simplicity and basic nature of living that the farm and the countryside that our forefathers enjoyed while toil and hard labour may have been the norm, but with it came dollops of simple, clean, good living and plenty of fresh air and connect with things natural. Build the same feeling in your décor-helping you home connect with the same kind of genuine farm life simplicity.

The sign board is beautifully shaped like a farm house the ruddy and rustic feel it projects instantly connects with your desire for the countryside kind of life. The rustic feel of the house shaped signboard has a washed in white wooden look, the front of which bears a print in a rusty brown colour-that says -Life Is Better on the Farm-the flourishing font-the windmill by its side and the beautiful canopy like roof adds to its one of a kind charm. Place it in any nook of the house or the entryway of your home and announce your love for things organic and simple. Made of wood and MDF, the signboard is 24 cm in height and about 23 cm in width and makes a beautiful impression with its simple and shabby chic look. Will be easy to place on the wall of you could simply prop it on the shelf or table top.

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