Sign Grandparents

  • Code: SG2137-4
  • Material: MDF
  • Size: 48x3.8x21cm
  • Min order quantity: 4
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 2.60 kg
  • Length: 51.50 cm
  • Width: 16.20 cm
  • Height: 22.00 cm
  • Cubic CBM: 0.08
  • Inner Qty: 4
  • Carton Qty: 16
  • Weight: 10.50 kg
  • Length: 53.00 cm
  • Width: 34.50 cm
  • Height: 46.00 cm
Celebrate the warmth and wisdom of family elders with the Sign Grandparents, a charming decorative piece measuring 48x3.8x21cm that effortlessly captures the essence of what makes grandparents so special. Crafted from durable MDF with a timeless colour palette, this sign serves as a heartfelt reminder of the gentle touch grandparents bring to our lives. Its touching message and elegant design make it an ideal gift item that will resonate with customers looking to express gratitude towards their beloved grandparents or adorn their homes with a piece that exudes comfort and affection.

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Introducing the Sign Grandparents – a touching tribute to the cherished role grandparents play in our lives. Elegantly framed in a 48x3.8x21 cm dimensions, this poignant sign serves as a sentimental piece that effortlessly epitomizes the heartwarming influence our elders contribute to our world. The delicate script is exquisitely rendered on sturdy MDF, ensuring both durability and a timeless aesthetic. Its gentle colour palette further complements any home or office décor, inviting a sense of warmth and nostalgia wherever it is displayed. Crafted to resonate with many, this sign is not just a décor item but a statement piece that eloquently expresses gratitude and love for family matriarchs and patriarchs. The Sign Grandparents effortlessly captures the essence of the softer, kinder, and warmer world grandparents create for their families, making it an ideal gift for any grandchild looking to honor their roots or for grandparents as a humble brag about their role. This sign's universal design allows it to blend seamlessly with various decorating styles, from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalist. It hangs gracefully on a wall or can stand independently on a shelf or mantel, creating a focal point that sparks conversation and fond memories. Retailers will find that its intrinsic emotional appeal and high-quality craftsmanship make it an excellent addition to any homewares or giftware collection, promising to bring sentimentality and charm to their customers’ homes.