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Men's Gifts

Sign Metal Beer Fridge

Code: LC9664-4
Product Dimensions: 25x33cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.44kg
Length: 34.50cm
Width: 2.50cm
Height: 26.50cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 24

If you like your glass of bubbly and your afternoons are al about the froth covered glass whose chilled visage instantly quenches your thirst on a hit summer day-here is a signboard that declares that love loud and clear. In fact, it makes sure to declare your love for beer- and how even your fridge, if you could have your way, that is, be stocked only with beer and nothing else. Make use of such cheery signs that says what you would have loved to say- and give your spaces the stamp of your personality-after all your home is as much about inches and feet as it is about the mind that resides there and your choices as well.

Bring an informal flair in your décor with soe simple signboards on offer from Lavida. They speak your mind while you can go silent-after all, your décor needs to get personalized and wear the stamp of your personality for that and wat could be better then signboard that align with your ideas, habits and thoughts-like this one dedicated to the typical beer enthusiast. Go on create that little flutter of cheery excitement with this adorable signboard that says what to expect in your fridge-or rather what you would rather do with your fridge. Add this to any space and bring in that cheery look-can be quite the conversation starter-of your sessions with friends is also about exploring the best tasting lager!

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