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Suede Purse Pajaro White

Code: IA4229-2
Product Dimensions: 12x10H cm
Product Material: Leather


Weight: 0.02kg
Length: 11.80cm
Width: 0.02cm
Height: 9.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

The feel of that hint of roughness typical of suede, and the look of something as lovely as the Pajaro tree design purse in your hand can only make you feel one thing - beautiful. For all those things that make up your list of accessories, here is one addition that will soon be your regular purse or pouch for all those handy little things that you need to place in an easy to reach purse.

There is never the word enough when it comes to adding more accessories to the ones that you won and when you look at the handcrafted Pajaro suede purse with its dainty little structure, its handmade stitches on the edges and the lovely tree design on its exterior - you are all the more sure that one more is not enough. The entire range of suede crafted handmade accessories from Lavida wear the look of class and elegance and come with the promise of great usability that is absolutely certain when you see the dedicated space it will create in your bigger bag for things tiny and easy to lose. The purse comes in dainty little size of 12 cm in length and 10 cm of width making it almost square in shape It has a blue rib running along the edges while its zipper also has a blue color much in coordination and so does the clasp of the zip. The quality of suede is soft and smooth to touch as well cured to be highly durable. A lovely piece to own and gift.

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