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Table Centre Piece Sq Natural

Code: LT3233-4
Product Dimensions: 40x40cm
Product Material: 95% straw 5% iron

The look is kept as natural as it can be - the delicate shade of beige and the delicate weave blend in with much perfection in the most traditional of looks for all kinds of table settings. The square shaped placemat is the pick if you are looking to offset all kinds of impactfully aligned setting for your dinner table or for any kind of look for any table in your decor. Place flowers or bowls of steaming food - it makes them their best attractive.

Combine the beauty of straw woven with much expertise that will bring to your table setting the fascinating touch of farm and country feel. Decidedly the best means to lend it a fresh new appeal, this square hand - crafted artisanal quality mat can be placed in pairs or threes at the centre where you could use them for laying out the food or simply to add some decorative arrangement. Made of 95% straw and given an iron made frame that helps the material rest flat on the table adding to its weight and making it more slid and stable as a mat. The subtle play of soft beige and the square solid appeal of its simple framed beauty will reflect back your tasteful décor or table setting by adding to the charm of a modern chic look. Simple enough to use and even simpler to care for - this sturdy heat and moisture resistant mat will keep your table tops feeling and looking shiny clean.

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