Table French Garden

  • Code: QA5432-1
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 99x99x73cm
  • Min order quantity: 1
  • Weight: 13.00kg
  • Length: 100.00cm
  • Width: 12.00cm
  • Height: 101.00cm
  • Carton Qty: 1
KD packed.
Table Garden is an exciting addition to any deck or patio. It is a classical piece that suits the client's taste. Black speaks of elegance and luxury. This product is a centrepiece that would make a bold statement.

Table Garden features a spherical shaped metal top and a vintage theme floral stand. Customers who want a modern touch for casual picnics in outdoor gardens or lawns can opt for this metallic masterpiece. It is also handy to host a garden party with a buffet or a one-on-one romantic dinner. To enjoy home-cooked meals with family, this metal sophistication offers a comfortable table setting that lets everyone create memories and share fun moments. Because of its sophisticated aura, this product doubles as a side table for interior use. It fits next to a sofa to hold magazines, newspapers, displaying trinkets or planters. Our garden table is made from metal, it has a natural lustre, and it is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear.


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