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Tassels & Table Runners

Tassel Cristallo - Coffee/cream

Code: LB2275-4
Product Dimensions: 4x4x18 cm + cord


Weight: 0.12kg
Length: 3.50cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 1.70cm
Inner Qty: 2

The Tassel Cristallo-Coffee is sure to provide the necessary accenting needed for curtains, drapes and blinds. The rich coffee colour of the Tassel Cristallo is sure to please.

The rich coffee colour of the Tassel Cristallo is sure to please even the most difficult people. The deep brown complexion of the coffee pigmentation is sure to stand out in any interior environment. This Tassel has an even distribution of two-toned "coffee bean" colouration which will be sure to please those looking for this particular variation in their design. Home improvement and decoration will be made just a little easier for those who are able to have access to this particular Tassel for a number of reasons. This precise shade of coffee is extremely common in most furniture (i.e., sofas, loveseats) therefore allowing it to be a hot accessory for draperies while shopping for interior design. Secondly, the deep contrasting effect of the coffee colour and the crystal gem offers a wonderful mix that will be sure to emphasize in any room setting. Overall, the Tassel Cristallo-Coffee is the perfect accessory to feature on any window due to the high popularity of furniture in this particular shade.

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