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Tassels & Table Runners

Tassel Cristallo - Purple / Cream

Code: LB2274-4
Product Dimensions: 4x4x18 cm + cord
Product Material: Cotton, Resin


Weight: 0.12kg
Length: 11.00cm
Width: 3.50cm
Height: 1.70cm
Inner Qty: 4

The Tassel Cristallo-Purple/Cream is sure to deliver that smooth and relaxing environment. This combination of colours is great for all seasons.

The stylish combination of Purple and Cream in the Tassel Cristallo-Purple/Cream is unparalleled. The even balance between the two colours will add a level of variation for the customer when decorating a wall or entire bedroom. The purple can be utilized to accent already existing furniture while the cream simply contributes to the overall pleasing aesthetic beauty of the room. The crafty design of the Tassel includes a single suspended cord attached to a crystal gem that has binding purple and cream threads neatly connected to the crystal gem. Decorating a home will certainly be made a little easier for the customer by adding this necessary variety to your collection. By including this Tassel, you are able to provide that extra accent for those interior designers obsessed with obtaining every detail such as this Tassel, which will highlight their drapes, blinds, etc.

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