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Tray Monstera Powder

Code: MM0760-2
Product Dimensions: 21x3.5x22cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.50kg
Length: 27.50cm
Width: 6.50cm
Height: 29.00cm
Carton Qty: 2

The leaf impression is unmistakable-the veins giving way to loops and cuts that are so typical of this foliar whose beauty unmistakably lies in its dense rich green leaves that much like a unique thumb impression springs a surprise with anew pattern each time. Add this metal made platter to your spaces like you would any accent and bring to its the same kind of beauty of course displayed through a typical medium.

Artsy accents always lends you spaces that touch of uniqueness-much like this beautifully created platter made from iron and given a wash of whiteness that does little to hide its antique rugged looks, the Monstera leaf design has been beautifully replicated on it -the loop, the frond gradually curving to create the typical shape makes one imagine the glory of this plant with its beautiful leaving. Here is a wonderful means to accentuate your coffee table or the console where you might wish to add a candle or drop off your keys. The metal made beauty can be a resident of your bedside or even the sturdy table where you could place pencils and pens on its top. There are so many spaces where it would catch the eye so very easily. All of 22 cm in width and 21 cm in length, it makes a lovely display in your garden, perhaps on the gazebo table where you might wish to place a potted plant atop it.

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