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Decorative Glassware

Trinket Arch Lagoon

Code: LD4568-1
Product Dimensions: 7.5x7.5x13.5cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 9.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 36

When an organizer works double time to show off its versatility playing host not only to your trinket collection but also working much like any other décor article adding so much of attractiveness to the spot - you would surely like to opt for it. Made from opaque glass, it has this longish tip that aids easy lifting of the top - and its size makes it a truly well designed and well - proportioned case to store most of your trinkets.

If of late you have dreading the idea of looking for your not so old pair of earrings, fearing like always that you will not find the second one of the pair - you seriously need to look for an organizer. This glass trinket case with an arched top is an answer to all such organizational woes. Designed impeccably with a top that can be gripped and lifted easily. The glass body is opaque with a tint of blue most pleasing, the pattern on glass adds to its elegant and charming appeal. The size too is the kind that will sit prettily on dressers and counters. Use it to store spare buttons, or spices - the versatility of such cases makes them all the more desirable. The height of the case is 13 cm while its diameter is 7.5 cm, making it a tall and disarmingly charming vintage look accent for any space.

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