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Trinket Box Bird Pink S/2

Code: LD3065-1
Product Dimensions: 15x10x8cm/14x10x8cm
Product Material: ceramic


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 16.00cm
Width: 17.50cm
Height: 10.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 2

They sit in a pair knowing not what little treasures they are capable of holding within. A pair of handcrafted ceramic birds that work like the perfect place to stash away all those tiny treasures ? and mostly trinkets that you are always in hurry to wear and never seem to find them. Let this bird dup come to your aid and make itself greatly helpful in adding to your trinket organizing in the most adorable of ways - and while at work, they will also take the liberty to make you dressing area look a lot more charming.

A ceramic made set of two tiny pink birds that open up to reveal two tiny trinket boxes. While one would use them for keeping all tiny jewellery pieces, it would also make a splendid gift for a person who has issues keeping her little treasures safe and within easy reach. Would make a lovely gift as well. When gifting someone a trinket you could also use this as a case to present it in. The set of birds come in slightly varying sizes - the smaller one is 14 cm in length while the larger one is 15 cm. They both are all of 10 cm high. Their details like the delicate beak, tail and of course the entire inner portions ahs bene most meticulously crafted. Would look like a superb display on the dressing table or you could also have them placed on your bedside.

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