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Keyrings & Accessories

Trinket Plate Curious Cat

Code: LD4378-6
Product Dimensions: 10x1.5x12.5cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 11.50cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 13.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 144

Give the curious cat to look out keenly for all your tiny treasures that land on it-after all, the smaller and prettier they are, the more you are anxious about their safety-as they tend to fall off tables and any such place where you usually take them off and keep them . The advantage of keeping them on trays such as this is the clear visibility and the safety of knowing it is at a particular space meant only for them. A great means to accessorize your dresser and also give your trinkets a safe space for keeping till you use them next.

While trinket boxes are great means to keep your treasures safe, a tray such as this ceramic made one with the Curious cat peering out from there, ensures that when you take off rings or earrings, or studs and the likes, their tiniest form will not be lost in the jumbled up box with many such articles a tray thus is the first landing space for you to segregate and keep them in special spaces meant for them. The beautiful gold edges tray is perfectly sized to sit atop your dresser and give you the much-needed safe space for your little treasures. Made of ceramic it looks elegant and the quirky cat print on it adds the touch of whimsy. The entire tray is shaped like a cat with soft curving body that is lifted off from the sides that is edged with gold.

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