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Trinket Plate Splotchy Cat

Code: LD4379-6
Product Dimensions: 9.5x1.5x11.5cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 11.50cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 12.50cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 144

You keep looking for them all over the place-the very size of these trinkets makes them all the more difficult to get hold of .Made of ceramic it has the ability to hold all your tiny treasures while you are taking them off and even keeping them perfectly ready for your dressing up time. The pretty cat on the upper portion of the tray makes it all the prettier and perter.

Placed on the dresser it will simplify the manner in which you look at your trinket collection-after all , they are the tiniest of the accessory collection and have the habit of getting lots owing to their size and the tendency we have of rushing our dressing up time. Keeping them on trays such as this helps keep them in one place and more visible. The clear white coloured ceramic and the pretty cat design makes it all the more attractive. The tray is made of smooth white coloured ceramic that has been touched with colour and given a unique kind of personality. the splotchy cat with its various colours and its round curious eyes will steel your heart and keep your trinket safe and that is a deal! Made with smooth creamy white ceramic its sized to sit beautifully on your dresser or the side table and make your trinkets most easily accessible.

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