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Trinket Plate Unicorn

Code: LD4380-6
Product Dimensions: 9x1x14cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 10.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 144

You seldom get ready in a leisurely manner and the absolute hurry in which we lead our lives always ends up in many of our tiny treasures getting misplaced or us losing them in our haste. Here is a trinket tray designed to add a touch of ceramic glamour to your dresser and helps you immensely in keeping your trinkets safely till you need them next. Made of fine quality ceramic it will be loved as much for its beautiful looks as for its profound ability to keep things safe and within reach.

While it is always better to have your trinkets placed safely inside a trinket case , while taking them off, they tend to fall off or we tend to leave them in odd laces where their tiny size usually makes them disappear in the maze of things-here is that perfect compact trinket tray where the trinkets could simply be placed right after you take them off, or when you need to keep the in one place and keep them ready to wear within reach -simply place them on this tray and your dressing up time will be reduced in terms of time consumption. Made of ceramic and shaped like a unicorn, it is perhaps more charming than even the most mythical of stories connected to this creature. All of 14 cm in length, the horn and the unicorn's head is so clearly marked that it would be difficult to give its design a miss. The beautiful mane, the gold edged rim and the creamy white coloured ceramic acts to make it seem pretty.

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