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Decorative Glassware

Trinket Pointe Lagoon Lrg

Code: LD4564-1
Product Dimensions: 12x12x14cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 0.75kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 13.00cm
Height: 13.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 36

It is just another trinket case and yet it sorts out a great del in your life - and its versatile little design is sure to set your dresser or table top on to anew kind of style high. Made from turdy glass, this adorable little case is perfect piece for you in case keeping your tiny collectibles or trinkets has been on your mind.

While we go on adding more and more trinket to our collection what generally distresses is the inability to find the right trinket at the right time due to the jumble of things they are in or when one of the pair goes missing. There is a delightful kind of beauty in this glass made case that is blue in colour and abounds with all the right features to keep your tiny treasures in the best possible way. the blue coloured case is small yet its inner space is large enough - proportioned to look compact it will add a chic kind of vintage flair to your table tops or dressers. The pointy top makes it easy for one to hold the top of the case and lift the lid, without fear of slippage. The lower base has a groove that allows the lid to fit in perfectly there to keep it well closed. Keep it on your bedside to place those earrings that you want to take off before you hit the sack or keep it on the coffee table like any other display and grab some eye balls.

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