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Umbrella Derby

Code: LB5567-1
Product Dimensions: 93x116cm
Product Material: Nylon


Weight: 0.36kg
Length: 5.00cm
Width: 94.50cm
Height: 5.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Elegant black and Cream combination crook handle umbrella stylishly fashioned to suit any attire.

The large 116 cm canopy in black with a beautifully patterned trimming of cream makes this umbrella elegantly stylish. It is so in keeping with the derby look which spells class and sophistication. This umbrella can be used as much by a gentleman as by ladies. The handle of the umbrella is finished to a fine wood polish and the stem is sleek .The ease of handling this piece comes also from the superior quality of the material used and the neat design that eliminates any chances that the prongs won't function when the umbrella is opened.

The handle in a wood finish essentially gives it the derby finish as much as the fine quality of the waterproof fabric that has been used to create the canopy. The length of the shaft is long enough to be carried more like an elegant walking stick and is adorably old fashioned to suit those afternoons spent out in the park soaking in the sun. An incredibly simple way to style up and show off ones sophisticated streak.

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