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Candle Holders

Votive Medalion

Code: EE7512-6
Product Dimensions: 7x7x8H cm
Product Material: Glass, Metal


Weight: 1.08kg
Length: 23.50cm
Width: 16.50cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 36

The mid-eastern magic of the design is unmistakable, here is lovely votive that brings together the best in oriental flavor with a great option for lighting enhancement in the evening especially when the mood needs to be cozy and romantic. Trust this glass votive to play out the magic in the simplest of ways with its flickering candle light throwing thousand shadows all around you.

There is a lot of onus on lighting effect to change the way interiors look and when it comes to votives, their very look and positioning can make a huge difference to the way your interiors will look in the muted light. You could place this very oriental looking votive in places that you wish to highlight -maybe under an artifact or near a painting and allow its gorgeous glowing light do the rest. Made of glass and metal, its highlight of course is the medallion like necklace that the votive is wearing. Ornate and very antique in its appeal, the metalwork on it complements the ribbed design to perfection. Add several such pieces to your décor and see how wonderfully classy and oriental the feel in your décor will be. The metal design and the embedded pearl in the medallion are its absolutely gorgeous highlights. The votive is all of 8 cm in height and 7 cm in diameter making it a little narrow towards the base while its mouth is much broader making it easier for one to clean up the inside for residual wax.

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