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Candle Holders

Votive Ribb Ball

Code: EE7507-1
Product Dimensions: 15x15x14H cm
Product Material: Glass, Metal


Weight: 0.68kg
Length: 16.00cm
Width: 16.50cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 12

The votive Ribb Ball combines the color effect of white with a metallic sheen to make much drama out of your candle light. Votives as such are great for lighting enhancement and when they are given such a dramatic shape and size, the effect is far more joyful and eclectic at the same time. Add more such wonderful lighting alternatives in your home and feel the difference come alive as the shadows lengthen and the twinkling lights from the votive make the place liven up with a different sort of magic.

The votive Ribb Ball is about 14 cm tall and round in shape with ribbed design all over its exterior. What gives it more of a look of style is the wonderful white and gold shimmer design that adorns it. The broad white band has been created from the color wash the pattern has been given. The light is going to filter out in a dual tone manner-somewhere gold and in places a soothing glowing silvery white. This duality makes the votive rather interesting. The diameter of the votive too makes it quite large pic end having even one of them in the corner with a large pillar candle within its recesses should be adequate for lighting up that space easily. Add more such variously sized votives from Lavida as it is in the right form of illumination that you can create a varied look for your interiors.

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