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Wall Decor

Wall Decor Antler Deer

Code: U1683-2
Product Dimensions: 43x34x16 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 4.00kg
Length: 45.00cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 39.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Bold and beautiful, like wildlife décor articles ought to be -this antler set on the wall will give it a whole new look that is centered on all things natural and wild-a robust means to bring on the wildlife theme in your décor or to also add that countryside and hunting lodge feel. A simple addition with a terrific impact.

Made from metal, this bronze colored replication of a stag head makes for an impressive addition to any wall. If you love things that have to do with nature you will simply love the way this set of antlers have bene crafted. The minute detailing, the branching of the stg horns, and the color of rustic metal-all of these features collaborate wholesomely to create the impact. Could be placed above the fireplace or on top of doorways to add a grander sort of feel to it. You will love the shape of the head, the tiny ears, the shaggy mane, the branching of the antlers in their delicate fineness which creates a picture of strength. There is a feeling of antiquity that comes with it and would be quite a wonderful means to boost your cottage and lodge look interiors. The metal body is strong and can be placed with ease on walls. The height of this piece is 34 cm while its antlers give it a robust width of almost 43 cm.

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