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Watering Can Daisy Lge

Code: UV7129-2
Product Dimensions: 22.5x18x36cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.30kg
Length: 36.50cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 37.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

For your home is as much about the interiors as it is about having a wonderful garden full of healthy plants and trees and you have always prided in being caring and careful about keeping your green friends looking quenched and healthy. Here is a watering can to help you along the way in watering with ease-especially if you like keeping the pots and planters in different parts of your exterior and interiors.

Watering cans are an essential element in your garden and around-after all , plants can pretty much belong to any part of your home and keeping them well hydrated would need making water easily accessible to them. Use this metal made watering can that has an adequate capacity to help you water a large number of plants and while on the job make the job look glamourous. You only need to look at the pretty design embossed on its body to understand why! The can has a well-designed snout making pouring of water spill free and smooth. The handle eases holding despite the heavy weight that water usually has. very rustic in design, the pretty daisies on the body of the metal can makes the look it has all the more attractive. Use it not just for watering but also as flower vase when you feel like it to help create a more farm and cottage feel setting, The can is 36 cm height and its width at its maximum is 22.5 cm. The mouth while being adequately large avoids spillage and the grip of the handle will make it easy to grip and pour. The meta, is rust free and treated to remain an integral part of your everyday garden duties.

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