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Whale Decor Lge Blue

Code: BT416-4
Product Dimensions: 13x7.5x6cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 25.00cm
Width: 15.50cm
Height: 7.50cm
Inner Qty: 4

A magnificent creature whose very presence in your home will help define its coastal nature. Made of high glaze ceramic, it will sit atop corners, shelves, the console or the coffee table and starts many a conversation around aquariums, cruises and the excitement that coastal life can bring. Here is perhaps one of the best loved symbols from the deep sea whose presence can only be called one of a kind.

The colour of the ceramic made whale is perhaps its usp-the high glaze has been created by expert ceramic craftsmen who know the right temperature to fire the ceramic to give it this kind of colour and shine. The large head of the mammal and the raised tail will be visible even from a distance -it being the also distinctive feature son its large form. Here is one of the planet?s largest mammal in a small and compact table top form that will lend your home and spaces a touch of beauty beyond ordinary comparisons. The white sculpture will set very high, the standards of your décor and by placing more such ocean creatures there, you will be able to make quite an impression with your choice. A superbly crafted pieces that decidedly makes an impression with its shape and its beautiful smooth surface. The whale is all of 13 cm long and 7.5 cm wide and all of 6 cm tall which makes it a lovely compact piece that would sit prettily atop shelves and table tops with ease.

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