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Whale Tail Decor Lge White

Code: BT414-1
Product Dimensions: 13x7x16cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.30kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 17.00cm

One of the largest mammals that live son this blue planet and its majestic presence in the waters of the oceans has been stuff for legends. When planning a setting for your coastal feel décor, you can seldom give the whale a miss, especially when this décor piece comes with such an easy means to flaunt its beauty. Made of ceramic, created to impact the space with its beauty and uniqueness.

The tail rises out of the water and creates a humongous splash as it dives down -this spectacle would not be new to anyone who loves watching films and documentaries on the magnificent oceanic creatures. Lend your coastal theme hoe a touch of uniqueness with this ceramic figurine that shows off the symbolic tails of the whale. Found in the deep seas, this creature has always brought out in us a deep sense of wonder and by adding this piece to the décor we can simply pay a simple little tribute to its gorgeous kind of beauty. Place this flat-bottomed sculpture made of creamy white ceramic on any table, shelf or the console. Surround it with more ocean themed sculptures, some vivid blue accents and some rope wrapped ones too to build in the coastal feel. The high glaze on the ceramic sculpture speaks of the expertise with which this piece has been crafted. It is 16 cm tall with the width of the tail spanning out to almost 13 cm. A sturdy and robust piece that will make just as much as a splash of style as will the whale?s tail in the ocean waters.

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