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Note Books

White Leather N/book Medallion

Code: IA4038-1
Product Dimensions: 23x14CM
Product Material: Leather, paper, metal


Weight: 0.54kg
Length: 16.00cm
Width: 23.00cm
Height: 2.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

The White Leather N/Book Medallion is a stylish notebook that features a lot of classy details: an embossed medallion, an imprinted white leather covering, and beautifully stitched borders. It is a notebook worthy for a monarch.

The White Leather N/Book Medallion exudes elegance, exquisiteness, and style. This royalty of the notebook world is truly a head-turner with its beautiful all-white look. By appearance alone, you can tell that it is made of first class materials. It looks like it belongs to a monarch.

Talking about style, the all-white leather covering of this classy notebook features a beautiful Victorian design. The white leather covering has detail-rich embossed patterns that create circular details on the middle and diagonal borderlines along the corners. The framing of the notebook is also finished with a leather lace stitched along the borders.

But what is truly notable is the beautiful medallion stitched on the front cover of the notebook. The medallion features embossed details that takes the form of leaves and flowers.

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