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Wall Decor

Wood Print Pineapple

Code: UH8205-2
Product Dimensions: 40x3x60H cm
Product Material: Wood Print


Weight: 3.20kg
Length: 65.00cm
Width: 10.00cm
Height: 45.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

Woo the tropical warmth and fill up your spaces with its vibrance - use simple means to do so with art prints on wood that look so very charming despite being such a simple to use embellishments on the wall. Here is a wooden plaque with the simple art print, yet filled with every intricate detail that lends your space with a certain drama of detail.

Summer fruits and a ripening pine apple can be works of art too! And proving this is this adorable picture with its water color on wood that creates a vivid impression of shape, color and form, with depth and dimensionality that makes it feel like real work of art. These modern prints on wood makes for a lovely splash of casual décor initiative in space that could do with some more brightness. The wooden plaque with its aged looks, the white wash rubbed off in places lends it a shabby appearance so in keeping with the love for shabby chic that homes have. The plaque is 60 cm in height and about 40 cm in width and will look stunning in its soft colors and hues, lending the wall that little natural beauty spot . Place it in spaces that could do with some looking up and get ready to get complimented for your easy breezy décor styling. The colors are presented with a great deal of care so as not to fade despite exposure to light. Could be wiped clean and will retain its lovely looks over a long period of time.

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