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Wood Stacker Low Abode

Code: BA8621-2
Product Dimensions: 45x25x55cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 5.30kg
Length: 51.00cm
Width: 47.00cm
Height: 53.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Keep your fireplace burning bright; its warmth making the evening feel all the more relaxing and something to look forward to. Keep handy all the wood you would need to keep the evening from going cold. Sturdy, easy to port and spacious enough to stack up a good many logs, here is a perfect accessory for your fireside or campfire plans.

When planning on spending the evening warm and comfy by the fireplace, remember to keep adequate amounts of wood close at hand so that you do not have to go outside in the chill to fetch it. Keeping the wood too is a need that will be wonderfully fulfilled by this wood stacker stand which is large, and solidly built with a well-balanced body and height to allow a good amount of stacking. The metal made stacker has a height of 53 cm and a base that is 51 cm long and 43 cm wide too allow you a neat stack. The frame along the tall body allows you to give the wood the right kind of support. The handle on top is helpful in ensuring that you can carry the stacker around where you need to place it, whether by the hearth or by the outdoor campfire your stacker will prove its importance each time the fire seems to be dying out. Trust Lavida to curate for you, all kinds of home utility accessories that make life so much simpler and fuss free.

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