Wreath Bird Pink

  • Code: HS1453-12
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 13.5x12.5x0.3cm
  • Min order quantity: 12
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 0.40 kg
  • Length: 14.50 cm
  • Width: 14.50 cm
  • Height: 6.00 cm
  • Inner Qty: 12
  • Carton Qty: 576
  • Weight: 19.44 kg
  • Length: 60.00 cm
  • Width: 46.00 cm
  • Height: 26.50 cm
This item is handcrafted variations in colour, finish and size will occur, This is part of the uniqueness of the product and not considered a fault.
Elevate your home decor with the charming Wreath Bird Pink, an exquisite metal ornament measuring 13.5x12.5x0.3cm that showcases a delicate bird perched within a beautifully crafted floral wreath. Its pastel pink hue adds a soft touch of colour that complements any setting, making it an appealing purchase for customers looking to infuse a sense of nature and tranquility into their living spaces. Retailers will find this enchanting piece a versatile addition to their collection, attracting buyers keen on artisanal craftsmanship and elegant design.

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Introducing the charming Wreath Bird Pink, a delicately handcrafted piece that breathes a whimsical touch into any space. With its petite dimensions of 13.5x12.5x0.3cm, this elegant ornament is a subtle yet sophisticated addition to both home and office environments. Fashioned from durable metal and boasting a serene blush tone, it lends a gentle pop of colour capable of complementing various decor styles, from rustic country charm to the clean lines of modern chic.

Each Wreath Bird Pink is a testament to the beauty of artisan skill, as its handcrafted nature ensures no two pieces are exactly alike. Customers will rejoice in the item's individuality, appreciating the distinct variations in colour, finish, and size that highlight its uniqueness rather than imperfection. Envision this dainty accessory gracing a cozy reading nook, adding a comforting ambience, or being a treasured centerpiece in a boutique giftware display.

This piece isn't just about visual appeal; it's a conversation starter, evoking a sense of peace and nature with its intricate bird and floral wreath design. Whether it's given as a thoughtful gift or chosen to enrich one's own decorative collection, the Wreath Bird Pink is poised to become a favorite among those who seek out one-of-a-kind, lovingly made decor. Welcome this enchanting ornament into your offerings, and watch as it captures the hearts and imaginations of your discerning clientele.