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Australia is well known for it's vast terrain, vivid colour palette and an abundance of indigenous textures. This is portrayed through Aussie interiors as we honour our surroundings and style with emphasis on the sea, sun, sand, beach and bush style. Using earthy hues such as blush, sage, and amber we can highlight the colours of Australian landscape in our homes. With our relaxed and down to earth Aussie attitude we love to include quirky details in our homes through the use of bright colours, fun wall print's and native flora and fauna inspired d?©cor.

Our style can be described as relaxed, casual, forgiving, and authentic as that is how we identify to the world. As Australian's, we love the outdoors which we reflect through the interiors of our homes. Whether that be through designing open plan living areas, or through the use of native plant and animal inspired d?©cor, many modern Aussie homes will have the feel of being open and down to earth.

Australians have a light-hearted nature and do not take things too seriously which is reflected in our design style. With pops of colour and quirky one-off pieces we are quite adventurous with our styling. Add pops of colour to your rooms with our range of artworks. Go bold with an oversized print to create depth and interest or keep things bright and airy by sticking with lighter colours when choosing artwork for your walls. We offer a range of designs from stunning florals to more abstract pieces that grab your attention while sticking to those earthy tones that is Australia.

We design a range of items that have native flora and fauna, which you can use to inject the quintessential Australian touch. Some of our best-selling pieces are those featuring; koalas, cockatoos, galahs, kookaburras, lorikeets, and eucalyptus. After the devastating 2019 – 2020 Australian bushfires, many Aussies have a newfound appreciation for our native flora and fauna and display their beauty throughout their homes.  

Another way to bring the outdoors in to your home is by including some artificial native plants. Our hanging eucalyptus looks great in a hanging planter or otherwise draped in a decorative vase on a tabletop or on a shelving unit. For pops of colour display our king protea stems in a large vase which look stunning when displayed on natural coffee tables or consoles.

Keep the indoors light and bright and if you need additional lighting consider lamps. Our range of lamps can not only add that additional lighting needed but also create a centerpiece for your look. Our linen shades are great to add an additional texture whilst building on the natural look and feel to the home. We also have a range of hanging lamp shades made from natural textures such as seagrass and bamboo. These lamp shades ooze that down to earth, relaxed coastal look that appeals to many Australians and residents that come from overseas who choose to live in the land down under.

There has been a surge in incorporating natural materials in the home through furniture pieces. Natural wood or even bamboo has proven to be the popular choices for Australians. At LaVida we offer our customers a range of options when it comes to natural furniture and d?©cor pieces.

As much as Australia is a young country with a fresh new look in interiors, we also love our rustic charm. This can be incorporated through either vintage style decorative items or otherwise rustic washes. We love items that look as though they have a little bit of wear and tear to them as it adds character. We stock a range of products that have a washed effect to give the items a rustic charm. See our range of pots and planters, ceremics and furniture to develop the look.

Since COVID-19 has hit, Australians have no other travel options than to explore our own country. With this we have gained so much more inspiration from our homeland and there has been a surge in Australian themed d?©cor. Australians are learning to celebrate the natural beauty of their own country, in the form of design.

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Plate Rec Cockatoo Natural

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Cup Cockatoo Natural

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Coasters Eucalyptus Living


Playing Cards Skippy

Box: 14x10x2.5cm / Cards: 6.3x8.9cm
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Framed Print Lorikeet

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Cockatoo Crest Med Gold

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Framed Print Galah

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Framed Canvas Pink Cockatoo

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Framed Canvas Protea Stem

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Plush Wolly Wombat

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Plush Kiera Koala Lrg


Stem Protea Pink

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Cross Cockatoo Lrg

14x23cm + hanger
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Hanging Heart Cockatoo Thank You

8x9cm + hanger

Cockatoo Crest Lrg

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Hanging Eucalyptus

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Cushion Galah


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