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LaVida offers a range of coastal homewares and beach decor to decorate your home with. Accessorise your home with beach inspired pieces, in light and bright colours while keeping your main colour theme to natural earthy tones. ... read more

LaVida offers a range of coastal homewares and beach d?©cor to decorate your home with. Accessorise your home with beach inspired pieces, in light and bright colours while keeping your main colour theme to natural earthy tones.

In Australia it is a lifestyle we love, so why not incorporate it into your living space. A well-designed and styled coastal home is open, bright, airy, and harmoniously blends bright ocean colours with natural textures and tones. A coastal luxury home draws on comfort and style, so while it may feel like a relaxed beach house it has more of a contemporary and luxe modern look.

Flooring plays a huge role in the look and feel of a coastal house. To evoke a comfortable, laid back coastal home the addition of rugs is pivotal. For those softer flooring options, texture is key. When it comes to rugs, natural textures are preferred in order to create an inviting and relaxed feel to your coastal space. At LaVida we have a range of rug options that would build on your coastal luxe look. Remember to choose lighter options, in attempt to maintain a bright and open space.

Create a coastal ambience with the introduction of lighting into your home. At LaVida we have a range of lamps and lighting options to brighten your space. As coastal homes need to be light and bright, although natural light plays an important role in this, lamps can enhance the luxurious look of a home. Natural lamp shades and finishing's can inject organic textures into your coastal home. Go bold with pendant lighting and choose textures that will add a new element to the space.

The key to getting your coastal luxury look right is by adding a range of textures and soft furnishings. With the addition of fresh linen cushions or woven seagrass cushions you can build up the coastal feel.  Natural fabrics are preferred in coastal homes; think linen, wool, and cotton when it comes to pieces such as bedspreads, cushions, ottomans and wall hangings. Natural fabrics are a must for their worn-in look that adds to the beach feel of the coastal home. Chunky knit throws are a necessity in the modern coastal home to inject not only texture but also the feeling of comfort. Layering your textures with textiles that include details such as tassels, pattern and embroidery will create a sense of depth to the look and feel of the coastal home and will create an inviting feel to the space.

Furniture pieces are great to add a focal piece to your design. Shop our range of furniture in natural materials to enhance the coastal look. If you wish to achieve a point of difference in your pieces, we would opt for materials such as rattan, bamboo, and wood for your furniture.

Coastal luxury is represented by open airy spaces perfect for relaxing, therefore utility should be considered. Think about how the room can be used and items that can pull it all together. To lend a cozy, lived in vibe go for items such as bookshelves, desks, baskets, drink trays and side tables. These items are also perfect to inject the natural materials that a coastal home needs.

A good way to breakup your solid white theme is to add texture to hard surfaces. This could be done in terms of a washed look, or even through embossed texture. Here at LaVida we offer a range of pieces that incorporate a washed look or otherwise there are pieces with shell mosaic patterns that will add a luxurious look.

To add that laid back comfort look consider layering textures. Think jute rugs, linen cushions and knit wool throws. A coastal home aims to be inviting and these comfort pieces can be sourced in coastal colours

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