Country Living

Turn your house into a homestead with the help of LaVida. A country home design draws on traditional elegance, which is created through simplicity of materials and details in the construction. The rustic, simple nature of this style embodies the landscape, allowing the outdoors to be brought inside. A country style home can be made more traditional or contemporary depending on your taste. ... read more

The country design style would not be possible to achieve without the use of wooden elements. Normally one would design their rooms around exposed wooden beams or original wooden floorboards, however if this is not possible, traditionally styled, classic wooden furniture is a requisite for country living interior design.

Other earthy textures are also welcomed in a country style home. Wicker baskets make for great storage options, while you can inject a natural linen to your upholstery or introduce jute through rugs. Organic materials help to tie in with the natural theme. LaVida has jute rugs available which can bring that natural element into your home.

Simplicity is the hallmark of country style interior design. Neutral colours such as whites, creams, beiges and browns make for a simple yet effective base colours for a country inspired home. To keep your home feeling warm and welcoming, stick to muted and neutral hues.

Traditional country homes have a very practical nature to them; everything in your room should have a purpose. The items you place in your country home are not just there for show. One of the most common looks is open display cabinets, allowing items that are frequently used to be easily accessible. Glass cabinets in the kitchen displaying tea sets is a common feature. LaVida stocks a range of hooks and cabinets, and tea sets to complete this look.

When designing your country living home, keep in mind that everything should look like it has been thrown together, however works with each other naturally. One of the signature looks of a country inspired home is mismatched furniture. When looking at furniture pieces, opt for pieces that have character; a vintaged washed look, odd handles; the types of pieces that look like they have been in your family for generations. LaVida stocks a range of furniture pieces that are practical and have the country charm look.

A country inspired home should exude warmth and coziness. Use blankets and throws to add depth and layers to your country living room and bedrooms, for decoration as well as comfort. Use warm colours or opt for checked materials, tartans, and chunky knits to build on the colour palette. Accessories are a great way to inject colour; warm colours such as reds, greens, oranges, and even deep blues go well with country living.

For a light, bright and friendly atmosphere in the kitchen you can implement greys, blues, and yellows for a cheerful look- pastels are also a good option for those who want a hit of colour. Accessorise your kitchen with the help of LaVida.  A great way to incorporate punches of colour is through furniture. Think bright stools, chairs, and bench seating.

A key component to a country inspired décor is pattern, more specifically florals. These can be traditional or more contemporary floral designs, alternatively stripes and checks also work well. If you are after a more clean and minimal approach to your country style we suggest sticking to the later, stripes and checks. LaVida stocks a range of items that can inject pattern into your home in a subtle way, whether it be scarfs, bags, throws or cushions.

As a country inspired home, the statement pieces used are not ones to be ostentatious; there are no bold designs or statement pieces required. Framed folk inspired wall art as well as flora and fauna inspired pieces are the perfect addition to create a warm and inviting home. We stock a range of farm animal prints that will bring a touch of the country to your home.

You could also incorporate the rustic look by incorporating metal items into your home. LaVida stocks a range of planters, watering cans, jugs and garden accessories that would be suited to country living. Fill these with spring flowers or herbs and lavender for a more country cottage look. It’s these decorative extras that lend personal touches to give every room a lived in yet purposeful feel.

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