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Wholesale Trinket Boxes, Jewellery Boxes & Display Stands

Jewellery boxes are the best partners for a person's most beautiful and treasured jewellery pieces. They offer good storage options to keep the quality of treasures like precious stones for a long time. If you are looking for the best kind of jewellery boxes to include in your product line then browse over Lavida's section. There are more than enough to choose from with qualities that can you can definitely guarantee your customers with.

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Jewellery boxes are lucrative because they offer also the right amount of security to make sure that all jewelleries are tucked in one area away from harm and damage.

Safety and Beauty

Jewellery boxes are like treasure chests. People put some of their most valuable possessions inside it. Because they usually contain highly valuable and exceptionally looking pieces, they need have the right safety and aesthetic features. Certainly, anyone would want to hide their treasures in something that do not just offer safety but also reflects the kind of beauty and elegance that it contains. From small items to big ones, there are many types of jewellery boxes to choose from.

Nonetheless, there are simple ones available. Jewellery boxes are not just elaborate but they are available in designs that can accurately reflect your personality. Ready-made jewellery boxes also have different types of finishes and textures to choose from. In fact, there are others that are made from precious metals while others are wooden, plastic, steel, and even marble. People can always choose the best jewellery box that reflects their preferences.

Other materials which are used for jewellery boxes include silver and glass. Stained glass jewellery boxes are some of the best of their kind and they are ideal for keep precious jewelries inside. Often, stained glasses boxes are hand crafted so people can expect each detail to be in perfection. Plus, no stained glass jewellery boxes can be the same so individuals are guaranteed that they have a unique or exclusive one at hand.

Music and Figurines

They are exceptionally beautiful offering people a modern yet classic look at the same time. A person can always make sure that their jewellery box is as precious as the items they keep inside.

From big to small ones, there are just so many boxes to choose from. They also come in different colors so your ability to express yourself with your jewellery box is further enhanced. Your customers may also find it interesting that just like the movies, there are in fact classic musical jewellery boxes around.

Made from rosewood, mahogany and similar materials, musical jewellery boxes can serve as your heirloom or something that can definitely keep for a very long time. It can also offer a sentimental value which is perfect for making it as a gift for someone special. There are also jewellery boxes that come with figurines inside. The figures can either move or remain static depending on the idea of the box.

Most musical boxes come with their own figure. Individuals can also choose a jewellery box based on what figure it features inside. Some jewellery boxes cost a fortune because of the materials used but there are also equally exceptional boxes at affordable prices. There are many jewellery boxes available for varying budgets so your do not have to worry if they are working with a limited amount of money. There are good deals for a fraction of a price.

Jewellery boxes also come in different shapes. You can offer customers with small round ones to a big rectangular jewellery boxes. Some more playful and eccentric offerings feature triangle-shaped or several “stories” high with piled up drawers. There are also boxes with easy to open lids while some have sliding tops. Other come in simple fabric or intricately designed metal. Regardless of what a customer wants, you can definitely offer one that can suit their most treasured possessions.

Finding good jewellery boxes should not be hard. All it takes is a good selection and provider. You would find that you could actually buy a lot of inexpensive boxes at Lavida with qualities that your customers will like and even rave about.

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