Imagine you are sitting under a shady tree, patches of sun filter through to warm up your skin, your surrounded by friends and family to share stories, food and wine. This has been the vision for the beginning of something special, from LaVida to you. We are proud to bring to you our very own collection ‘sol-y-sombra’. In Spanish this translates to ‘sun and shade’ which represents the collection perfectly as each piece can be enjoyed day and night, sun or shade, made to bring people together,  to be shared and enjoyed. ... read more

The name sol-y-sombra is derived from an after dinner alcoholic beverage, consisting of a combination of dark brandy (sombra) and a clear anise (sol). The drinks name meaning sun and shade also refers to the different types of seating one can purchase at a bull fight. The seats that have full sun are Sol, whereas the Sombra seats are full shade. A sol y sombra seat has a mixture of some sun and some shade throughout the day.

Sol-y-sombra encompasses the idea of an easy living style that embraces entertaining. Our inspiration behind the range is focused on the principles of outdoor and indoor entertaining and forming products that can be adapted.

Under the sol-y-sombra range is our serving boards made from acacia wood. Available in a range of different shapes and sizes these boards are perfect to put on a spread for your guests. Their natural materials and earthy grains bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors, and if you would rather have your guests outside these natural pieces are perfectly suited for an outdoors environment.

To create a more elaborate and generous display layer the serving boards. When creating a table spread, the layered look is also preferred and can create the look of tiers for the food. To create a more developed tiered design, stack the different shapes on one another or fan the boards.  

The natural grain and stain of the boards create a natural earthy feel and is suited well to the concept of sol-y-sombra and the idea of sun and shade. The lighter stained areas representing the sun and the darker more earthy tones representing the shade.

 Under the sol-y-sombra branding is also a range of basketware. Pieces within the sol-y-sombra range vary from baskets to table runners, placemats and coasters, all which can be used for entertaining your guests.

Grass, jute rope, cotton and palm fibre are a few of the materials used when making these products. The natural elements of these items help to showcase the idea of sol-y-sombra as they are natural materials from the outdoors that can be used indoors. Sun and shade is a natural element, so by using natural materials within this range we hope to personify the idea of sol-y-sombra. The whole idea is to be able to enjoy these items in the warmth of the sun outdoors or in the shade of the indoors or under cover.

The use of different natural materials gives you different textures to play around with, but it also gives you different variations of shades. Sea grass holds a deeper colour, a richer shade which is representative of ‘sombra’ (shade). While the lighter rattan and palm fibre materials are brighter and more vibrant, representing the ‘sol’ (sun).

The beauty of the baskets within the range is that they can be used for storage or as a decorative style item. Use them as a planter, for storing throws, or you could even use them to store the sol-y-sombra serving boards in.

sol-y-sombra encompasses the laid back indoor/outdoor living style that Australians love. Being named the ‘sunburnt country’ we embody sol-y-sombra (sun and shade). Bring sun and shade into your home through our range of entertaining pieces.

We will continue bringing in pieces to add to the sol-y-sombra collection that we know you will love. We are passionate about helping people slow down, relax and live easy with our sol-y-sombra collection. Stay tuned as we grow sol-y-sombra and make entertaining memorable for you and your guests.

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Woven Fruit Basket S/3

L:29x29x15cm M:27x27x12cm S:25x24x12cm
Buy 4 @ $29.70 ea
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Table Runner Oval Sea Grass

Buy 12 @ $11.60 ea
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Hanging Basket S/2

L: 25x25x20cm S:24x17x18 + Hangers
Buy 8 @ $19.90 ea
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Coasters Bahamas S/4

Buy 24 @ $5.30 ea
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Placemat Palm Cove

Buy 24 @ $4.30 ea
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Seagrass Basket Shopper S/3

L:49x33x32cm M:46x28x28cm S:40x24x24cm + Handle
Buy 4 @ $62.00 ea
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Seagrass Tub Basket S/2

L:34x34x32cm S:30x29x29cm + Handle
Buy 4 @ $45.60 ea
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Basket Cylinder Tub S/3

L:26x26x21cm M:21x21x18cm S:17x17x17cm
Buy 8 @ $21.20 ea
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Basket Handle Storage/planter

L:30x30x23cm M:22x22x22cm S:19x19x20cm
Buy 4 @ $30.40 ea
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Basket Patil S/3

L:32x32x20cm M:2x26x17cm S:20x20x12cm
Buy 4 @ $39.50 ea
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Basket Cylinder Storage S/5

A:20x20x19cm B:18x18x16cm C:16.5x16.5x13.5cm D:15x15x12cm E:13.5x13.5x10cm
Buy 4 @ $29.00 ea
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Seagrass Multi Tray S/5

L:50x42x15cm M:46x28x28cm S:40x24x24cm + Handle
Buy 4 @ $46.80 ea
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Serving Board Rd White Edge

Buy 4 @ $15.80 ea
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Mal Surfboard Serving Board

Buy 4 @ $13.30 ea
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Serving Board Paddle M/white Edge

Buy 6 @ $11.30 ea
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Serving Board Chef M

Buy 6 @ $8.60 ea
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Serving Board Organic L

Buy 6 @ $13.20 ea
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Serving Board Paddle Exl

Buy 6 @ $22.10 ea


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