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Wholesale Wall Décor

LaVida's Wholesale Wall Decor is one of our most popular ranges and is a consistently great selling range for our customers.

Our Wall Decor range will always have something for every style, decor and budget so you are sure to find lots of pieces perfect for your store and your customer.

Take a look through our vast range of Wall Decor to find the perfect collection for your customers.

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We are finding more and more now that consumers are excited and more than happy to adorn their walls with all styles and designs and sizes to put their stamp on heir home.

Wall Decor plays such a huge part in filling a blank wall or just adding that right amount of detail.  House magazines will often feature those amazing statement walls, where every inch of wall is covered in Wall Decor and Picture Frames, and we are seeing them more and more in every day people's homes as this type of style becomes more accessible.

The beauty of our Wall decor is that it is always affordable, always either bang on trend or timelessly classic and that the range really does have a style for any room.

For that grand entrance customers are always looking for a large striking piece, generally in metal but also wood is proving very popular too.  Our more recent pieces feature both wood and metal for that great industrial look. We will always a carry a great selection of this larger more dramatic size so keep checking our new stock ranges.

The metal shaped flowers in all colours and designs have been a consistently great seller.  These are tweaked and updated as styles and palettes move on and the sizes and designs are also updated.  Given the affordability of these pieces we know that your customers love being able to stay updated and choose another piece without too much expense.

The nature inspired pieces are also endlessly popular.  Whether its butterflies appearing to fly up the wall, birds swooping or dragonflies flying around the designs are always tasteful and creative and finished to a very high standard.  Our ocean themed ranges of fish, whales and dolphins has been a great success and we will continue to add to these ranges all the time.

Trees, plants, leaves and flowers are always included in our ranges and these quite often find their way into outdoor spaces to adorn balconies, patios and garden walls.  Again we are always adding to these ranges and they are updated every few weeks.

We also carry a wide range of metal and wood signs, such as Welcome which are timeless and great to keep in store.

Our Wall Decor range would not be complete without a great selection of Abstract Art and Design.  We love to keep things fresh and by taking inspiration from across the globe we can supply a vast range of styles.  

For example, we love to use the striking Moroccan shapes and patterns in our Wall Decor and also the grandiose and luxurious prints from the Jacobean era.  Classic shapes and designs using the much coveted French Fleur De Lis emblem for example always sell well.  

Having introduced a modern and fun range of wall decor that can light up (using battery power) we know that you and your customers are always looking for that latest innovation and we will continue to add to this range.

So as you can see LaVida really is a one-stop shop for all your wholesale wall decor and homewares. 

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