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Make Space For A Brand New Product To Lavida!

We have introduced lots of new products this last month, as ever, we like to keep developing new ranges and keep trying new decor, homewares and gifts to see what works for you and sometimes what doesn't.

Over the last few months we have added floor rugs, tea towels, scarves and throws to our already pretty extensive ranges.

But this is another new one - one that we have been looking to move into for a while and only just found the right product - so make some room in your store for BEDHEADS!!

Even though we currently only have one design, we are sure to have some more on sale soon,this is the most generic easy to pop into any room style and colour we could find.  Price-wise it doesn't get much better than this.

So show it to your customers, even if it's something you never thought of stocking, your customers might be looking for one, so bear it in mind in your conversations with your customers.  Try one in store and see what your customers think, at this price we think its going to be very popular!

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